Website Profile

Artwork Specification


If your company has advertised with us before, we will already have this information, so you don’t need to send it again. If you are new to working with us, we just need a few details to get you set up.

Company Name
This is the name you want potential customers to see. For example, ‘Voucher Books’ is a sub-company of ‘Terrific Media Ltd’… which is a bit of a mouthful! We think Voucher Books sounds better, so that’s what we tell people!

Company Logo
If you can supply your logo as a vectorised PDF, EPS or AI, that would be fantastic! If not, we can work with any format, as long as it is good quality – big and sharp!

Website/Social Media Banner Image
We require an image to use that represents your company and/or the products/services you sell. Size: 845px x 475px.

Company Profile
This will be used on your business page on our website. It is very similar to what you have on your ‘about us’ page on your own website. This information will be read by our website visitors who are clearly interested in what you offer (why else would they be looking for more information about your company?), so make it count!

– A brief company history
– The types of services and/or products that you offer
– What makes you great!

Company Links
We add your website and social links to our website. These are what we need:
– Website Address
– Socials URLs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)

Where to Send Your Information
Please send your information by email to